Painted Mick Jenkins

Oil on Floorboard. Rocky start on this piece, so I wiped off nearly the entire face. Ended up using the mistake to my advantage in the finished product. 

unnamed (4).jpg


'Collide'. Felt tip pen on paper. Respresentational of a space where organic and digital reality combine.


It's done! Ink, intense pencils, salt, powdered food dye, graphite, fine liner pen, charcoal and watercolour paint on watercolour paper.

Co-Lab, science meets street art

Here's a look at what I did for Co-Lab, science meets street art. The scientist I was paired with, dominique potvin, studies how birdsong is affected by urbanisation. The loud noises of cities affect the development of birds brains and makes it harder for them to reproduce. This artwork is about our decision to protect or crush these creatures, and by extension, to protect or destroy the earth. Thankyou to everyone who came, to Lee who organised the event, to Dom for being a rad scientist and doing amazing influential work and to Houl for hooking this up for me!

La De Da 6 Pack

Some pics of the finished La De Da 6 Pack artwork! Each artist was allowed 20 minutes to paint. Was so so good, would definitely do this again! Thanks to all the artists involved and Aaron

Analogue Attic

Little something I painted for Analogue Attic, which is on tomorrow night from 7 at Lobrow. Thank you Sancho for the wall and Narit for hooking it up!